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Rev. John A. Ferguson receives a proclamation from Commissioner Dennis Moss at the Dadeland Marriott in honor of his retirement dinner. He is accompanied by his wife, Anita. circa 2000

SBC Community Development Corporation (SBC CDC) is a non-profit corporation located in the heart of the Richmond Heights community. The mission of SBC CDC is to build a solid community through collaborative efforts and partnerships that provide programs and services that address the intergenerational needs of the community. 


SBC Community Development Corporation began serving the heart of the Richmond Heights community in 2003 under the vision of the late Rev. John A. Ferguson, founder of Second Baptist Church.   Rev.  Ferguson envisioned building senior housing, providing food and  educational services for the community of Richmond Heights.


This vision has grown under the leadership of President, Rev. Alphonso Jackson, Sr.  SBC CDC has developed four components to bring Rev. Ferguson's vision to pass, and now serves residents from Kendall to Florida City. The four components consists of human services, educational services, youth services, and community development.  Twila Payne, serves as the Chairwoman of the SBC CDC board - charged to bring these services to life.



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