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Human Services include the development of Senior Residential Apartments developed with programs and services geared for this niche demographic. This development is constructed in a modern style yet it maintains affordability.  SBC CDC partnered on this development with Miami-Dade County and Cornerstone Group Development Corporation. The John & Anita Senior Residences offer the following amenities:


- Affordable Housing

- Health Services

- Food Services

- Adult Day Care

- Recreational Activities

- Social Services

- Transportation Services




The purpose of this component is to pour into our youth a new mindset  on living.  The focus is to encourage the youth to strive for a lifestyle of excellence through educational enrichment, cultural arts, and recreation.  With youth empowerment being one of our central goals at SBC CDC, the following programs will be offered by SBC CDC Youth Zone to reach these youth through various opportunities:

- Winter, Spring, & Summer Camp

Sports Inclusion

STEM & Robotics


Career Placement

Life Skills

Humanities and Cultural Arts

Dance, Music, Art & Drama

- Teacher Planning Days

- Community Service Projects

- Work Experience/Internship Job Training Program


To register your child for K-8th grade afterschool care, teacher planning day camps, spring break camp, or summer camp click here. Once your registration is complete, within 24-48 hours you will receive an email with further instructions and an electronic invoice for payment. All payments are paid with a credit card online. If you would like your child to start within the 24-48 hours period, then report in person to the program office or call        305-232-0499 ext 138 between 10am - 5pm. 


SBC CDC is proud to announce its programs are funded by The Children's Trust (TCT). 


Community Development includes the construction of a Community Center. This new age construction project will house several programs and services that cater to the needs of families, adults, teens, and youth. The completion date has not been determined. It is projected to include:


- Gymnasium

- Classrooms

- Meeting Rooms

- Auditorium

- GED Preparation

- College Prep

- Continuing Education

- Health & Nutrition

- Financial Planning

Check out this conceptual design video on the future Community Center in Richmond Heights 


The Educational Services program will encourage academic excellence and provide the resources for adults and teens to achieve academic endeavors. The program goal is for SBC CDC Youth Zone to offer stellar opportunities to obtain a successful academic foundation through:

- After School

Tutorial Services

Certified & Retired Teachers

Homework Completion & Project Assistance

Standardized Test Preparation/Tutoring

Resource Center

- library books      

- laptops

- educational materials

- IE2 College & Career Readiness Program for High School Students

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