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Aerial land view of the John & Anita Ferguson Senior Residence and the Family Life Center. circa 2014

There are four key programs that will aid and service the community. SBC CDC continues to build and serve the South Miami-Dade community in the following areas:



This program developed Senior Citizen Residential Apartments.  The development was a joint venture with Cornerstone Group Development Corporation and was financed in-part with Miami-Dade County.  The modern, affordable, independent housing for Senior Citizens is called the John & Anita Senior Residences.




The program is set to develop a  Community Center which is a new-age construction project. This facility will house several programs and activities that cater to the needs of families, adults, teens, and youth.




This program falls under SBC CDC Youth Zone and is a platform set to encourage academic excellence as well as assist adults, teens, and youth to achieve success in their academic endeavors. The goal is to provide stellar services that will assure that all who participate will obtain a successful academic foundation.




The purpose of this component is to pour into our youth a new mindset  on living.  The focus is to encourage the youth to strive for a lifestyle of excellence through educational enrichment, cultural arts, and recreation.  These enrichment opportunities are offered through SBC CDC Youth Zone.

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