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500 Residents Attend The “No Place Like Home” Exhibit In Richmond Heights

MUCE had the AMAZING opportunity to bring a 3 day fun-filled art experience to 500 residents of the rich city of Richmond Heights, August 2nd – 4th. Thanks to the SBC Community Development Corporation, students from 5 surrounding summer camps participated in gallery tours hosted by the MUCE team Lisa Nellicliff & Ashlee Thomas.

The gallery featured art work from established artists: Robert Mcknight, Tavare Hill, and Nate Dee – all home grown from the Richmond Heights area. It also included artwork from MUCE Summer Series exhibitors: Erica Appleby, Anthony Lumpkin, J. Alix Gauchier, Bermy Drovil, and Joe Wesley. More than 300 students attended the (3) day field-trip and for many, it was their first time experiencing an art exhibition.

Artist Nate Dee poses next to his Mask Series – NYC EAGLE

Alix Gauchier stands next to his work – Jubilation

Students became the artist as they got their chalk-the-block competition on. 15 teams created sidewalk masters pieces around the theme The Wiz, which was performed that Friday by students of the SBC CDC and Second Baptist Church.

Students get their chalk-the-block-on

Sharon Coleman, Community Coordinator of the SBCCDC expressed the vision of an interactive activity that everyone who came to the curated field trips could touch and leave their mark. MUCE worked with renowned street artist Marcus Blake to bring her vision to life. A community Mural became the central piece of work for each student to paint on themes of community. On Friday, the elders joined the mural activity leaving words of wisdom for the next generation and honoring those who’s shoulders we stand on to move the culture forward.

Elders add words of wisdom to mural

Friday’s activities culminated in a mini artwalk with vendors, delicious bites served up by Bone-Na- Fide and live music by one of MUCE’s Fave bands, the Florensics ft Ja’Nia Harden & the Harden Project.

mini-artwalk at SBC CDC Wiz Live performance and No Place Like Home exhibit.

The Florensics ft. Ja’Nia Harden & The Harden Project jamming out!

All in all – No place like Home was a phenomenal success. The seed was planted for a rich arts and culture scene and MUCE is looking forward to living out our mission of ensuring that fine arts belong in every community. Check out photos from the event here.

Want this experience at your next function? Hit up MUCE and let us create an experience for your organization.

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